Symposium KRW en de afvalwaterketen (STOWA)

AquaConnect researchers will present posters about their research during this STOWA symposium. For more information about the symposium:

AquaConnect workshop at Stibbe: Understanding the legal landscape of wastewater reuse law in Europe

On the 11th of April, 2024 an event, titled “Waterhergebruik in de praktijk: juridische en bestuurlijke vraagstukken belicht” (“Wastewater reuse in practice: Legal and governance issues”) took place at the Stibbe office in Amsterdam. The event was organised by our consortium partner Stibbe and Utrecht University under the AquaConnect project, chaired by Dr. Annalies Outhuijse, […]

AquaConnect goes to the province of South-Holland

AquaConnect connects its scientific research to the research questions of regional end-users in different regions in the Netherlands. On October 19th, the AquaConnect PhDs and postdocs were invited by Deltares in Delft for a workshop about water provision related questions in the province of South-Holland. During this workshop, they received an overview of water management […]

AquaConnect officially started!

On September 15, AquaConnect officially started! On September 30, the consortium gathered for the first time for an official starting symposium during which all the new PhD-researchers and their research scope were introduced to the consortium. It was a great opportunity to meet each other in real life after many online meetings.

AquaConnect: a quick introduction!

AquaConnect is one of the six research programs that was funded within the NWO Perspectief 2019-2020 call! NWO asked program leader Huub Rijnaarts to explain the objectives of AquaConnect, and this video is now online: