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AquaConnect connects its scientific research to the research questions of regional end-users in different regions...
On September 15, AquaConnect officially started! On September 30, the consortium gathered for the first...

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About AquaConnect

The Dutch delta faces enormous challenges in fresh water provision for industry, agriculture and nature during increasingly frequent severe droughts. This requires a major overhaul towards a water system that stores precipitation surpluses instead of discharging it to sea and that uses alternative water sources. AquaConnect is instrumental in the transition towards this system by developing: i) risk-assessment strategies for circular water systems ii) water treatment technologies that enable the use of domestic/industrial effluents and brackish groundwater; ii) digital technologies for subsurface water distribution modelling and the design of smart water grids which connect supply, demand and nature-based storage; iii) tools to manage related societal changes; and iv) demonstration of AquaConnect technologies and tools in four demonstration areas in the Netherlands, and internationally.


Key technologies for safeguarding regional water provision in fresh water stressed deltas

– Connecting water supply and demand by digital and water treatment technologies
– Connecting water quantity and water quality
– Connecting natural and man-made water systems
– Connecting partners in various scientific disciplines and institutions of practice
– Connecting Dutch water programs and pilots
– Connecting national upscaling to international outreach

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