Colleague wanted: Post-doctoral researcher ‘Dynamics in water governance’

AquaConnect is looking for a postdoctoral researcher who is interested in studying how changes in water governance systems can enable the introduction and upscaling of new technologies related to water management and treatment. This research will be performed at Wageningen University and Deltares, in collaboration with Prof. Dave Huitema andĀ Gerald Jan Ellen. See the following […]

Meet the AquaConnect PhDs pt. 2: Tjerk and Alaaeldin

New insights in membrane separation by Tjerk and Alaaeldin. AquaConnect started already more than a year ago. At the moment, Tjerk and Alaaeldin are very busy with their experimental work in the laboratory, where they work on the development of new membranes for fit-for-purpose water treatment. Alaaeldin explores selective separation of water streams by electrodialysis. […]

Peter Verheijen publishes the first AquaConnect publication

Peter Verheijen published the first AquaConnect scientific publication! In this publication, Peter studies the implementation of model predictive control for optimizing water distribution networks based on operating costs and technical constraints, such as pressure loss. He tested the effect of sampling periods on the performance of model predictive control for a simplified water distribution network. […]

Meet the AquaConnect PhDs: Fieldwork of Alessia, Jan and Jill

Nine months ago, AquaConnect started, and many of the PhDs have finished their research proposal and started their practical work. In this series, the AquaConnect PhD-students will be introduced, beginning with Alessia, Jan and Jill. In the beginning of June, Alessia, Jan and Jill went on fieldwork in collaboration with KWR and water authority Vechtstromen. […]

AquaConnect-seminar H2O Waternetwerk:

On May 20th, the H2O Waternetwerk organized an online seminar to discuss the challenges in treatment and reuse of unconventional water resources for which AquaConnect aims to find solutions. The session was recorded, and can be found here: